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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dear Me: You have come a long way baby. Don't stop short of the finish line

 I came across this article a few days ago. I decided to do it. I think speaking to yourself as a third person is a great thing to try. Now, I am putting it out there in my blog basically unedited. I know that is not something most would do. I get that. I am an open book. I can give it and I am willing to take it. Not everyone is that way, for various different personal reasons. But I encourage you to do this. And if you do it, do it like no one but you will ever see it, and be as honest as you need to be to draw it out of yourself. I did. Of course, that never bothers me anyway.

Dear Me:

You have made great strides this year. Good on you for that. I knew you had it in you.
You have definitely slayed a lot of demons. What demons? Well, nobody needs to know about that. We both know what they are, and that is enough. Keep in mind that I am watching you and I will call you out if you fall prey to them again. They are your demons and they will stay your demons. But, you have a long way to go. You know that, right?
Once again, you have come up short, way short. You have failed you. No doubt about it. Are you prepared to get over the hump? Turn the corner? Get to the top of your personal mountain?
All that being said-you have made the effort-but have greatly disappointed me with your lack of consistent effort. I don't have to tell you that this isn't cutting it and you need to get your act together. Time is slipping away from you. You realize that, right?
I see that you are just going to keep at it. Good. So, you didn't lose the weight. So what? Lose it now. Then was then, now is now. You can't fix your past, but you can guide, determine, shape and better your present and future. So do that. Learn from what you did wrong and just do it right now. That is a great life philosophy and I commend you for that. I think you will get it, eventually. 
No, I KNOW you will get it eventually. 
Just remember, your time on this earth isn't infinite. You aren't going to get chance after chance to get it right. At some point you will run out of 9 lives. So, no time like now! Get it done. Wake up every morning and remember that you are lucky to have one more day. You know so many in your life who didn't get that chance. Take that good fortune and make something of it. You can't continue to think "someday" or "tomorrow" I will get to that. That day, that time, that need is NOW. You need to give some tough love to yourself, just like you are always spouting off to your friends. Talk is cheap and so is advice, if you are not willing to take that exact advice and use it yourself.
When you begin to slip up, find a way to get back on course, faster. Just remember, we all slip up. It is those that right themselves faster that get ahead, not those that never failed. Don't let failure get you down, let it motivate you to succeed the next time you attempt to rise and meet the challenge. 
And finally, just remember that you are a good guy, a good friend and a good citizen. Be proud of that and continue to be that.  
Good luck to you and I know you are going to get it done this year.
I look forward to checking in with you in 365 days and seeing where you are at then.
Till then, best wishes on your life adventure. 


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  1. Cool. But writing to myself in the third person might send me over the edge. You know. Like multi personalities.


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