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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello, McFly? Stop trying to blog so much and "think"

I have really taken to blogging. Like a fish to water. It is a great way to express myself. At first I just dabbled in it, but at this point it is part of my daily routine. I like the freedom of writing a daily column, but not having to answer to others like most newspaper writers do. It works for me. I don't think I could exist in an environment where I have to be edited for content and style by others. Not my thing.
But, I have to set limits and boundaries for myself. If I could, I would probably write 10 a day. But the reality is, I am not going to get paid for blogging. Not many do. It is not a medium that 99.9% of people can make any money at. And I don't do it for the money, or have any intention of doing it for that purpose.
I would just love to blog about so many topics, artists, causes, etc.
But I know that I can't do that. It is simply a matter of picking my spots and putting that portion of my creativity in perspective. I set a goal for myself earlier this year that I would do one relatively quality blog a day. I have mostly stuck to that.
Now, I have to think maybe 5 a week is more reasonable. I think others might want to do the same. A blog a day is simply a tough grind, both on the creativity side and a time factor. Not to mention the research that goes into many of the blogs that aren't pure slice of life things, which many are not. A lot of mine never get finished for that exact reason.
If you get paid, then that is different. You do what you have to, just as you do at your day job to make a living. Most writers know that a lot of what they ever do will not result in one dime coming their way. So, you simply have to do it as a hobby or sideline. For me, the scriptwriting will be monetary returns, but the blogs never will. There will be a side monetary effect in that it is good marketing and promotion to show your wares, but that is not why you do it. Nor should it be.
Last year, I did an Artist of the Day feature. One a day for about 5 months. That ate me alive. I simply cannot do that, although it was very popular and I would love to. It is just too much work.
Writing stories, and scripts is time consuming and very hard work. It drains you and takes a lot of concentration and energy. I can't take any of that energy away to write blogs. The point of the blogs is to keep me stimulated and sharp, not tired and dull.
Just something I have figured out over time.
Something for you to think about if you blog and you have read this blog. Remember why you do it and why you started. Is it still what drives you, or have you lost your way?

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