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Friday, December 14, 2012

I don't Get People. I just really don't.

I was on the road today when I briefly heard about whatever happened at that Sandy Hook School.
First, let me say it is terrible that it happened. Second, let me tell you how it is.
What happened today has happened every year I have been alive and it will happen again, and again and again. Why is that?
Simply, there will always be a very small percentage of people who will do these types of things. It doesn't matter if you take away the guns. They can get them illegally. They are already crazy murderers. Do you think they care that it is illegal to buy a gun that is not registered? Nope, they don't. 
And if that didn't work, they could poison the water, or the bottles of Tylenol. Or, they could just set off a bomb in a building in Oklahoma City. Or if they really want to get some bang for their buck, they could hijack some planes and run them into big towers and government buildings.
And when all that fails, they could just make a gun, go into a crowded theater in Colorado and start shooting anyone they can. Or a University Tower in Texas.
Or, if they want to get some real attention, they could shoot a rock star like John Lennon, or a budding actress like Rebecca Shaefer, or a president like Ronald Reagan. 
And if you hate women, you can just go into a classroom on a Montreal campus of a University and start shooting them all until they are all can be an immature football player and shoot your girlfriend in the head because she stays out too late the night before. I could go on, but I won't..because...... 
Cause you see, they are fucking crazies. That is what they do.
The part I don't get is this: Every time this happens, as sad as it is, a whole bunch of you act like the world is horrible and the sky is falling. It isn't. The world is a big place and shit like this will always happen. It is just a part of life. If your number is up, it is up.
Taking the guns away wont stop it. Giving people more freedom to carry guns wont stop it. Nothing will stop it. You can minimize it on some level, but no matter what, it is still going to happen. I said that exact thing just after the Aurora theater shootings and here we are a few months later. 
Sure, be sad, but realize that is life. Grow up and stop acting like you are so surprised another human being could do such a thing to kids. Humans have been at war with each other since two guys built a fire thousands of years ago and fought over who gets to keep it. That wont ever change. Humans are mostly decent, law abiding citizens. But, a very small few will always not be.
The only thing you can really do is to teach your kids right from wrong and make them understand they don't have the right to take lives for any reason. Try that. Even then, I am sure most of the crazies who had parents got that lesson and ignored it.
I don't get people. I really don't. Stop thinking the world is some Pollyanna place where some people don't do very bad things. All evidence to the contrary tells you otherwise. 

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