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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You have 30 seconds of my time. More if you earn it

 I read a lot of blogs. A lot.  I enjoy a well written blog.
 I have taken to getting more organized about it. I would like to be able to simply choose from my 100 favorite ones and be able to quickly go from one to the next, stopping only when they have something interesting that week for me to read.
How do I plan to do that? Simple. I group them all in bookmarks, and then open them up, 10 at a time, once a week. From there, I quickly look at the titles and see if one of those interests me.  From there, I will read the first 100 words of one of those blogs. I am willing to invest 30 seconds of my time. If that doesn't move!
I think many are that way and readers have to realize that when they present their blogs. You need to catch their eye and then draw them in with your words. I find most simply do not know how to do that, even if the actual blog may be worth reading.
We are all very busy people. You have very little chance to get anybody to fully read your blog. Be mindful of that when you take all those hours you might have put into your blog and try to sell the idea it is worth reading. Take an extra 10 minutes. Come up with a "Wow" title and then make sure your first paragraph is something they found so interesting that they read on.
It is very much the same concept as submitting a novel to a publisher. You are one of very many who does that, and they can only fully read so many. If you don't stand out from the pack, then you end up in the pile with all the ones who don't. The delete pile.
You have to earn your readers and you have to continue to keep them interested. That is, if you want people to read what you put so much work into everyday.   

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