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Thursday, January 31, 2013

As January fades into the mirror. A new perspective on life

I had grand plans for 2013 and I was rip raring to go on day 1. I made a pact with myself that I would stick to my exercise regimen or pay a steep personal price for that. 
And...I did that, for the first two weeks. I was religious about working out,  eating reasonably well and smart and playing enough sports to get my weight down and my shape back.
That was....until I stepped up my weights program. When I did that, the general soreness was pretty much gone and the increase in workload was something I handled easily. However, somewhere within the second tough workout, I tweaked my back. At first, it seemed kind of nothing, and I played hockey that night and two nights later. While I played okay and my back didn't bother me a lot, I didn't play like my normal self. In fact, I noticed when all was said and done that I hadn't scored a goal on either night. I have had nights when I didn't score a goal,  many times, but I couldn't recall two nights in a row in the more than 25 years I have been playing. I am a natural goal scorer and usually get 3 or 4 every time we play.
I also did not handle the puck well and my passes were not sharp. It wasn't because I was tired or out of shape, because I was neither of those. I simply wasn't mobile and my movements were not fluid. When that happens, goal scorers don't shoot the puck where they are aiming and generally don't handle it well. It was certainly that factor.
Then came the next day. When my back was really tight. I basically could not move without a sharp soreness and occasional pain in the center of my back. That got worse, although I could still function. But as my back got weaker and I leaned on my stomach muscles to overcompensate, it went from bad to worse. This went on for 2 weeks, with varying levels of improvement and then regression. I learned what worked to help it along and I did those things. Still, I wasn't progressing to the point I thought I would be at. 
So, obviously the workout schedule went by the wayside. I was okay with that because I didn't fail due to laziness, indifference or lack of effort, which are the usual suspects. I was not capable. That I could live with. It happens.
Now, as I had a pretty good day on the last day of January and can see full recovery in the next 7 days, I am gaining something out of all of this.
I have always been healthy. Extremely healthy. And somewhat lucky. I have never broken a bone or had a serious injury,  although I have had many serious collisions in my sports and horse training careers. Other than having my tonsils out when I was six, I have never been in the hospital or had any need of doctors care. I have just been very lucky--some would say blessed--in that way.
I think as I reflect that I have taken that for granted. That is not going to happen anymore. Not being able to move around the way I want to, or play sports,  or many other things I take for granted is something I simply will not do anymore. 
As the month ends, I got something more than the fitness I was sworn to get but couldn't due to life. I got perspective on what I take for granted that I should not. That is the bigger win and I wont waste that going forward.   

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