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Monday, January 28, 2013

Being Smart vs. Being Stupid: It makes a difference

Out of all the things that happened with the Sandy Hook shooting December 14th, the one thing that struck me the most was how Piers Morgan handled guests on his show. Or didn't handle them as the case may be. In the clip below,  he continually shouted down a guest who didn't agree with his opinion. Let me state for the record that I agree with Piers Morgan's stance, for the most part, on gun control. However, I did not like for one second how he rudely handled his guests and bullied them into silence. Because of that, many used his conduct to try and get a ground swell started to get him deported. Shame on them. 
I was on the record as wanting him off the air, but only because of how he acted. Not what he said or his opinions.

Alex Jones is a nut.  A total radical nut. The kind that will be vilified if you let him. By his own words. Unless you take the focus off of him and put it back on you. Then he comes out looking like the victim and gets sympathy. That isn't a smart way to win an argument. That is a stupid way to lose it when you have the facts and common sense on your side.

 "Alex. Alex. Alex!
Alex. Let's have a debate. I get accused of. I get accused. Alex. Alex. I get accused of when I get you guys on (gun nuts) of talking over you and being rude. I'm trying to be civil. You've got to try and answer some of the questions."

 Before he had Alex Jones on, he had Larry Pratt on his show. He is another pro gun, radical who wants to put guns in schools and on the street. Everywhere.

PM:  But you do have a problem. You have enormous problems in this country. You have over 300 million guns for 311 million people, many of which are children. You have more than a gun per adult in this country. And you have by far the worst rate of gun murder and gun crime of any of the civilized countries of this world. How can you possibly argue?

"Let me answer then."

PM: How can you possibly argue this question?

"Let me answer then."

PM: Please stop laughing.

 "Because you are saying what is your argument and then you wont let me make an argument."

PM: But if you could just stop laughing.

"You have already posited the question. Let me answer your question.

 PM: My question is this if you could stop laughing for a moment.

After finally letting him answer and letting him start to bury himself in backwards logic and nonsensical talk like

 "The fact of the matter is that with guns comes safety, in the hands of the good guys",

  he cuts him off and says this:

Piers Morgan: "You are an incredibly stupid man."

 And the focus of everyone is just on that last statement. That is all that most took from that exchange.

In both the above clips from his show, Piers Morgan asked the same questions and used the exact same statistics. But, in one he shouts down and insults his guest, while in the other he lets his guest, Alex Jones, do all the shouting, ranting, raving, insulting and foolish things. 
 In one, Piers Morgan became the focus, while in the other, the intended result, showing Alex Jones for the crazy he is was achieved.
Good for you Piers Morgan. You did the one thing that will always play with me. You learned from your mistake. And what was the result of that? People got your point and didn't debate your conduct but understood your point.
How did you do that? You let the nutcase make it for you.
 I learned that a few years ago and you learned that in the last 5 weeks.
Alex Jones said a lot of whacko crazy things in that interview if you watch it start to finish. And he was the out of control rude one, not Piers Morgan. Why is it important that we see that?

Here is one of the many crazy things he said:

"America was born on guns and whiskey."

If you take one thing out of this whole Sandy Hook massacre it should be this:

If you think that letting the education system slip to the levels it has doesn't have terrible consequences then listen to Alex Jones and realize he has a huge following and you might have to rethink that. His followers are mostly ignorant uneducated types like himself and while they aren't the majority, there are more than enough of them and they are highly armed enough to make them very dangerous to you and me.
Listen to his 9/11 theory at the end of the interview. Obviously, he is a very deranged sick man. But, and here is my point.  If Piers Morgan got into a shouting match with him before that, nobody would get to hear or remember how idiotic this guy is. The guy...who wants to have guns and is willing to shoot you for that right.
The best way to hang an Alex Jones is to let him hang himself with his own words. Just let him keep talking. Shouting him down is the worst thing you can do. Good for Piers Morgan. He got it right this time.

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