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Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14: Getting Over The Hump and The Next Level

For most people, hump day is Wednesday. I don't have a day job anymore so that doesn't apply to me. Everyday is Saturday in my world. My job is writing. That is 24/7, but also it is whenever I want it to be. It is hard work, but it isn't work and you mostly do it when you enjoy it.

It is a good deal. I don't deny that. For me, the hump was working out and dealing with the soreness as I stuck with it and got to the point where my body could take the daily workouts. I have now reached that point.
It takes a lot to stick it out to that point. First, you just aren't that prepared to put out the effort. But you do that on day 1 and 2, because you are highly motivated and fresh. Then, the aches and pains set in. In addition, you wake up tired and just generally sore. The inclination is to give it up. At some point you start to believe the soreness wont go away, but only linger and possibly get worse.
But if you do stick it out there comes a day when it just goes away.
Of course, if you are really serious, that is the time you really have to increase your intensity and step it up a few notches. That is likely to create a new round of soreness. But at least you have the knowledge that the aches go away.  As long as you keep at it, you get there. 
The toughest hump is always the mental one. The one that tells you to give it up. I discussed that on Day 2. The No Voice. It is always there and it always will be there.  
I am now at that next level, where the results speak louder than the No Voice and drown out its persuasiveness. Once you get there, it is just a matter of how far you want to go. I still don't know exactly where that is, but I know I certainly am not there yet. But I am on my way. I am over the hump. This hump anyway.

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