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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 2: The Voice That Tells Me No.

Yesterday was Day 1 of my resolution to workout. I came through that with flying colors. Of course I did. I always do. We always do. There is a lot of motivation that carries you through Day 1. Failing on Day 1 of a dare (even with yourself) is like saying "I have absolutely no resolve at all."
Day 2 however is a whole other ballgame. Not that you can't get through Day 2, most of us can. But that is the day I start to hear "the Voice".
Some of you know the voice I speak of. For those who don't, I will add a personality to the characterization.
My "voice" is the one who tells me No. A lot. And not only tells me No, but also is very convincing about it.
He says things like "No, you can workout later. You did good on Day 1. Take it easy, enjoy your day. You will get to it. You don't need to do it early and get it out of the way". My voice uses that one a lot. He is also very adept and getting me off the writing train, and the errand train.
When that doesn't work, he goes to Plan B. He does this because he is very effective and has lots of weapons and tactics. He is the much better warrior of the two of us. Plan B is almost always "No, you don't need to workout. You did well on Day 1. Take a day off and get back at it tomorrow". In addition to No, he uses that tomorrow word a lot as well. And he is very persuasive when he does. He makes me believe tomorrow is a viable option I should consider. He is very much like the devil who used to reside on Fred Flintstone's shoulder. He always is more convincing than the angel.
Since I am on to his "tomorrow" game, he has developed new strategies and arguments to throw me off and derail me. The newest one is the "you don't really need it. You are fine just how you are". As most of us know, compliments go a long way to getting you to do the things you shouldn't. That one has always worked with me, and he knows me better than anyone knows me, including me.   
The Voice is also very active first thing in the morning. In fact, he is at his most persuasive at that time. He can convince me of just about anything because he carries his biggest stick then. And that is because he tells me to just stay in bed and enjoy the sleep. And this works because my body is craving those extra minutes and would listen to anything he says if he gives me that. It is like a crack addict getting a free hit when they have no money to pay for it. If they get it they will do whatever they are told.
That trick has worked today. He kept me in bed long enough that it is almost 1pm now. I am behind on my day, and working out is now in jeopardy. He threw a few more curves at me to keep me at bay. How did he do that?
Most of all, he knows my holes and weaknesses and makes sure to present them to me, just as an added cookie to tempt me and get me off the routine I want to maintain. He is the master of that.
But, I am aware of all that. And I have found the best counter to his attacks. I have put the "Justin Bieber" carrot in my head, and nothing he says is going to make me forget what I will have to do if I don't stick with my workout plan.
So, the "No Voice" is going to have to up his game if he intends on slaying me this time. Good luck, "No Voice". Bring it! 


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