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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear Cineplex: If you don't mind I would like to see the movie I came and paid for.

Today is my birthday. 48. Yes, 50 is now in sight. Such is life. I am still, however, young enough to remember going to the movies and watching a few previews and then the movie. Those days seem to be well in the rear view mirror now.
The other day before the movie they had the usual assortment of ads, fake ads disguised as interviews (cute 20 something reporter girl interviewing new music act who needs publicity) and informative tech advances (also cleverly..not so cleverly disguised product ads). This in addition to the movie previews. I am used to all that. I don't like it,  but I am used to it.
But now, they have an App, in which you bring your cellphone and you can play some sort of trivia game before the movie starts, along with all the other moviegoers, right on the big movie screen. Where does this end?
I just want to go out and see a fucking movie? Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is.
Who do I speak to about this?
When I go out to see a movie, I am making a choice. I could easily wait 2 months, go to the video store (or rent it online through NetFlix or my local cable company) and pay a lot less than I am going to end up paying to see it on the big screen. I want to see that movie on the big screen because it was made that way and intended to be viewed that way for the ultimate experience of that movie. 
I don't, however, go to the movie to watch ads. At first it was 2 or 3 ads. Then about 10. Now it is easily 20. And they are much longer. In addition, the interviews they put up are much longer and filled with product placements. On top of that, the warnings about turning your cell phone off and the prelude to the previews are now also sponsored by and littered with more ads. It is really getting to be too much. But now, they are making the pre show interactive, to the point that the wait is more than 30 minutes. There comes a point when it just isn't worth it to sit through all of that just to see the movie.
I know the justification is that it keeps the cost of the movie ticket down. 
You know what? I will pay 3 or 4 dollars more if you just give me the movie, sans ads and add ons and apps. 
I propose to have days where you show the movie, with no ads, no add ons and no apps. Give me the choice to avoid it and I will still also pay extra for it. But don't force this crap down my throat. I already have to deal with that on TV, on the internet, on You Tube and on Facebook. It is a very dangerous game you are playing when you are pissing off your customers and without them, you have no viable business.   
How about an app that starts the movie without all the fluff and time wasting stuff they give you now? I would love for someone to invent that fucking app.

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