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Friday, January 18, 2013

Media Got It Right. This Time.

There is a lot of talk that we are giving Lance Armstrong too much attention and there should be more attention for all the good athletes that come and do their jobs, give to charity, live a good decent life and don't lie daily to make a fortune while gobbling down drugs and doping their blood.
I disagree.
The media got it right this time. Putting Lance Armstrong front and center, exposing him for what he is (an arrogant, phony, lying,  cheating bully) is exactly the right thing to do.
Because you see, the good people don't need to get the attention. Their actions speak everyday. We need to show the young people what happens when you act like a Lance Armstrong. You are shamed. You are disgraced. You lose it all. You don't win in the end. That is what they need to do. If we don't show them that, they might think it is okay to do the things he did. 
Good doesn't need attention. It is already good. We need to show them the bad. That is what Oprah did and good for her. Now the whole world knows that Lance Armstrong was a lying cheat his whole life and there is very little upside at the end of all that. 
Showing the good would not achieve that. We all already know about the good.
The same thing happened when Tiger Woods got caught with his dick in the cookie jar. Many said that we should focus on Phil Mickelson, the family man who gave up golf for a few years to look after his very sick wife. But he didn't do that for the glory and attention, and he doesn't need it. Nor do we need to see it. The story is the cheater being taken down from his pedestal. And that happened. Tiger will forever be known as the guy who acted like a deviant whore and used a fake family image to make millions in commercials by trading off of that.
In my mind, the media got it right this time.

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