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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You say it's your birthday. I don't.

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 48 years old, plus one day. 
Most people make a big deal about that. I don't. I just really don't care. I don't care about the advanced age and I don't really care that much about the special day.
I am the same way about Valentines Day, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Rememberance Day and Christmas Day. New Years Eve as well. It just doesn't register with me.
I know it means a lot to most people to have some sort of celebration on their birthday but I am just not one of those. Does that make me strange?  Weird?  Different?  Yes, it does. 
I did get lots of birthday wishes. I certainly appreciate that. No two ways about it. But if I got none, would that concern me, bother me? No,  and I will tell you why.
I like the interaction every day. In my world, every day is my birthday. I am just happy to have one more day, every day. I know that sounds born again Christian-ish, and I don't dwell or think about that on a daily basis, but that is how I view life. Every day is special to me and no day is more important than the next. I understand that makes me different than most, and I don't knock those that like to celebrate the big days. It is just not my thing. It brings them joy to do that, but for me, my birthday is just another day to me.  

I got a lot of birthday wishes on Facebook. I made sure I responded to each and every one. Why? Because part of realizing that every day is important is responding to each of your friends,  who took the time to think of you. That is something I try to do each day. 
The best part of it all was that people I never hear from renewed contact. If that is something that happens because I was born on January 7th, then that is a great present. Much like New Years Resolutions, if it takes a benchmark date to push yourself into that sort of initiative, then so be it. Whatever it takes, whatever works for you. If it works, then it works. 

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