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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Selfish People and Poorly Run Business's

I wouldn't go to a daycare when all the kids are sleeping and start playing very loud music. That would not be considerate. Would it? Certainly not. I don't think anybody reading this does not get that. But time and again I find that people do very selfish,  inconsiderate things and don't realize how selfish they are. 
I have the right to play my music loud. In my house. In my car. In my backyard. That is my space. When it becomes an annoyance to others where there is a great expectancy of quiet, then I am being selfish and inconsiderate to others. It is as simple as that.
Last week I went to see a movie. I have written many times over the last couple of years about some very annoying things that are ruining the movie experience for me and others. I will post them as links if you want to read them.

However, this blog isn't really about going to or watching a movie. It is about inconsiderate selfish people and delinquent owners that run business's. 
While at that movie this is what happened. 
The previews and commercials were over and everything was fine. Then, just before the movie was to start, a man and his wife arrived and they were carrying a toddler. My guess is that their daughter was about 2. I could see how this was going to go long before it went this way. But I was hopeful that it wouldn't. 
So much for hope.
The movie started and the child was restless.Very restless. The woman tried rocking her to soothe her. That didn't work. Why would it? The child wasn't interested in the movie. She didn't want to be there. It was already past her bedtime and she was cranky. She began to fidget and cry. This went on for about 10 minutes. Then the woman finally gave up and took the child out into the hallway. The man stayed there and did nothing. This happened again when she came back. And then again. And again. Meanwhile, some usher type guy came in several times,  passed right by them and could easily hear the trouble but said nothing. He filled out some chart they fill out for some reason (they all do that now) and then he left.
They never escorted the woman and her child out. they stayed the whole time. The child cried, she took her out. Then brought her back in. Then out. This went on the whole movie.
Parents have it tough. I get that. But there is a time and place. A movie theater is not a place for a toddler. Never.  However the real culprit here is the movie theater. There should be a strict policy. If the movie is aimed at adults, no kids whatsoever. I should be able to expect that when I go to see an adult movie, one with sex, nudity,  violence and coarse language that there is no children present, let alone a toddler who couldn't understand the words even if she could pay attention to the screen for more than 30 seconds.
I plan on complaining to the movie theater about this. It isn't right. Go to a kids movie, fine. But an adult movie, no way.

As I had never had this happen to me or heard of anyone that had before, I wondered if it was a fluke thing. Then a friend of mine posted this status last night.

"We went to the movies last night. The place was packed. A woman brought a baby in with her and he whimpered and moaned loudly for about fifteen minutes. As a parent, we've all been there. However, the movies, especially an adult movie, isn't the place for a baby. Sadly, she had to be escorted out of the theater by an employee. I understand but at the same time I felt bad for her. There are a lot of things we have to give up once we are parents. Movies are usually one of them unless you have a sitter."

We all make sacrifices in life. One of mine was that I wanted the freedom to come and go as I please and not be tied down by kids. I made that choice. I wont get to see my kid get married,  graduate from school, have grandkids. That is a choice I make. You have kids, you have to be willing to sacrifice some things. One of those is your entertainment and free time. Another is the cost of having kids. Babysitters are part of that. Vacations are another.
You cannot expect me and others to have our good time ruined in a public place,  specifically geared towards adults just because you cannot find or afford a babysitter. That is pure selfishness and inconsideration. But ultimately, the theater is to blame for even letting them in. They dropped the ball here. 

I blame the movie theater for this. Just another in the long line of reasons why I don't go as much as I used to. Keep giving me reasons, and I will keep edging away. At least the theater that my friend went to got it right. The fact that this particular theater chose to not even bother and completely discount my business tells me that I will never go there again. That is just bad business. I was certainly not alone in that theater with my displeasure. 
That I am sure of. 


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