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Monday, March 25, 2013

Do You Hear "The Voice"..Do you listen?

Some of you may have noticed my blog yesterday on the 40th anniversary of the release of The Dark Side of The Moon. That is the epic album from Pink Floyd released on this day 40 years ago. I did a lot of research on that blog. 

On thing I noticed in watching a lot of video for that album is that it appears that the creators of the album hear "the voice" that all great artists do. Sure, hard work and determination is a very big part of creating art. But what separates the Pink Floyd's from the other bands that didn't do that level of work is that they just seem to have inspiration. 

Does it come out of nowhere? 
Are some people just the chosen ones?

After I posted that blog I went on to check out a bit more of Roger Waters and David Gilmour's work after Floyd. I stumbled onto this song I knew but had forgotten about.

Now, I knew it. But I was only 19 when it came out. I was not the enlightened deep thinker I am now (well, that is what I think. You might still argue otherwise) so I just liked the song and I still do. But now I see how Waters uses the guitars and the background singers. In fact he uses the background singers to sing the main chorus. That is highly unusual but something he did here and in Floyd.  

How does he come up with that sort of thing?

Was he walking down the street one day, or driving his car,  or making lunch or dreaming when suddenly that idea came to him, out of nowhere? Likely. That is how those types of ideas come to me. I don't go out of my way to think them up, they find me. 

Does it work that way for you as well?

Where this comes from I don't really know. It has always been that way with me, so I can't imagine living the life I do or being me without having them appear. But, they come from somewhere and they come to me and not others for a reason.
Is it something we are born with? 
Can you train yourself to hear it? Listen to it? 
Should you want to if you can?

What is it that those of us hear when the idea presents itself? For me, it is just a flow of an idea that morphs into something else. Eventually, out of nowhere, mostly even when I am not thinking about the original idea anymore it appears as something and I recognize what I am being told by my voice.

Is it an actual voice? Are you aware of it? 
Or is just something natural that doesn't have intermediate steps? 

 To me, it is just something in my head that surfaces periodically. Normally, about once an hour. Now, not everything is great or on the level of genius, but it certainly is not your average thought or idea. Some are even bad and I discard them later. But I do explore them all. Consider them all.
Like breathing. It is just something that I am not aware of most of the time, but is essential for me to be me. I seem to be doing more of it as I get older, although I certainly was like this on some level as well when I was very young. I was the type who could be in his room alone with a bunch of Cowboys and Indians and construct a whole war with all sorts of characters and plot twists.

Does some of it come with the wisdom of experience and years? 

Maybe we all hear the voice, but only some listen to it. Maybe we all hear the voice, but some of us are not open to what it has to say and choose to ignore it. Or maybe some hear the voice and others never do. I am not sure any of us have the actual answer to this. I only know that I hear that voice on a constant basis and I always listen. I am no Roger Waters, or John Lennon. I am never going to be Stephen King or Quintin Tarantino. They have a level I wont ever have. Most of us will never have that level. Whatever voice speaks to them speaks on a level higher than it does for almost all of us. 
But I do know that I hear it and I listen to it.

Do you hear it? Do you listen to it? 

Maybe you should. 

The main question I really have for most is this:

If you hear it and you don't listen to it, why is it that you do that?  

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