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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am a lousy writer. There, I said it.

I am a lousy writer. There, I said it. 
You don't see many people who write as much as I do say that very often. Is that a big problem for me? Possibly, but I don't think so. It is an obstacle to my end goal, but not a problem I can't solve. 
Why am I a lousy writer?
You could say that I hate to write. And you would be correct. I do. I loathe it. I do whatever I can to avoid it. It feels like work. It shouldn't, but it does.
But I am so creative and have so many great ideas that I want to get out there. It is quite the dichotomy that exists inside me. But I know I need to write to get where I want to be. If I could find a way around it I would, but I know I can't.
So really I don't hate it. I hate that I need to do it to get my message out. But that is the reality I am faced with. If I could just stand up at a podium and say it as opposed to having to write it all out I would be happier and more prolific. 
But, I can't. I know that.  
Here is what I do know about myself:

-It's not a grammar or actual writing of words issue. I can write well enough. I am not someone with a Lit degree from a big time school, but I am not Forrest Gump either. If it was just about writing the words I would be fine. It isn't. Could I write with better punctuation and grammar? Surely I could. But I don't usually make the effort because my message is my thing,  not my writing skill. 

-I am very creative. I come up with plots, characters and stories that very few can. That is my greatest strength and I never forget that. That is the talent I was given at birth.

-I am a great storyteller. I start telling a story and you will want to listen to me tell it. Storytellers are not always the best writers, and vice-versa. But I do need some writing skills to make sure my story translates from brain to mouth to page.

-I am very artistic. I create scenes that you can visualize. I am much more a producer/director than actor/writer.

-I am well spoken and witty. I talk and you will listen, be captivated even. If I could write as well as I speak I wouldn't be writing this blog. But I can't.

-Even though I speak well, I am not a performer. I verbalize well, but that works better for me as writing which I can then get others to perform. In that way I am neither a writer or performer. I am a creator.

So then, what to do with all of that knowledge? How do I get all my skills and assets into a form that works?

Well, what I have realized, what many in my position realize is that what I have in my head is not what I write. It changes. Significantly. And not for the better.
But what I can do is speak it. I just can't write it. And when I do speak it, when I just let it flow out of my mouth, it comes out mostly how I had it in my head. For many, that happens when they just write. I am not one of those.
Therefore, what I need to do is dictate it, then transcribe or write that dictation down.
Being a lousy writer isn't an issue for me. Trying to write it anyway when I should use another technique is the big issue.
I am going to try dictation instead of writing as my first option. I have never gone about it this way, but I know that when I speak to someone on the phone or at dinner, I tell the story much easier and more accurately than when I simply write it down first. I can always do that later, as long as that transition from my brain to the page becomes synched by using a verbal medium go between. 
I am sure I am not the only one who has this issue. Maybe it will work for you as well.

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  1. I have the opposite. If I want to convey a message I must write it. Even if I am not afforded the opportunity to correct, my message flows easier when I am typing it, even more so than just writing.

    However, for a story line, I have a general idea what I will be writing. I start with the frame. If the frame has elements I only vaguely know about, I must investigate those facets for authenticity. Those are the nails or dowels that hold the frame steady. I may only use a scant amount for the picture but the pieces must be there at hand for use if needed.

    I start writing having no idea where I am going or how I am getting there. I start typing and before I know it, I have arrived at my destination. I do go back and pick up bits and pieces I've lost along the way but I find most times, I must slather on a bit more flesh for building rather than tearing and slashing away at an engorged carcass.

    Each artist must be wise enough to know what tools are needed in their kit. Sounds as if you do.


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