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Sunday, March 17, 2013

If you truly believe it is safe, take the cruise. 

Tammy Carney and seven of her girlfriends are set to sail out of Galveston, TX April 22 on Carnival Triumph.
That is the same ship where thousands of passengers were stranded with overflowing toilets and other problems after a fire in the engine room.
"We are not happy. I'm not excited anymore I'm afraid," Carney said.
Carnival canceled all cruises on the Triumph until the 13, so this cruise will be the first for the ship since the incident.
"Every time I turn on the news there is a ship that is stranded out at sea and it's Carnival. Please give me my money back," Carney said.
Since December Carnival has had problems with seven of their ships.
"I'm just not comfortable I cannot swim so I cannot imagine being stuck out at sea and not being able to swim. It gives me anxiety," Carney said.

When I first read this article, I realized that this woman was completely hysterical and obviously not the typical passenger. She likely gets nervous when she drives her car and there is a bit of rain on the windshield.
She and her friends wanted a refund and were told they could not have one. So, basically they are going to lose all their vacation money or have to risk sailing and hope for the best.
However, she is not that far off the average passenger that takes a Carnival Cruise these days. Why would any Carnival passenger have confidence that the cruise is going to go smoothly? They wouldn't. 
I can say categorically that as a now former Carnival customer I will not be getting on any of their ships, even if the cruise was free until I see a change in the management of the company. I have lost any confidence that they care or that even if they care that they would be smart enough to be on top of things if a problem arises, which based on recent history is highly likely.
The worst of the bunch, the Carnival Triumph, will set sail again next month as discussed in the article above. Here is my challenge to the management of Carnival:
  I want to see the  Carnival owners and the top 50 executives and their whole immediate families on that cruise and if something goes wrong, they are not allowed to leave the ship until everyone else is off and home safely. If you truly believe that ship is safe, then take the cruise and prove it. Why should I risk my money, my health and my time,  not to mention possibly my life....if you won't?
And here is the thing. If it does break down and there are major problems again,  they will have to face up to the customer right on the ship. There will be no hiding and no lying. No excuses and no bullshit promises. And nowhere to hide. Now, if you believe the ship to be safe and fit and that if something goes wrong a viable plan is in place to keep the passengers happy, then you would have no problem getting on that ship.
Would you? If I owned Carnival, that is exactly what I would do. 

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