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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

OMG! I commented on your post. Yes, I have regrets

OMG! I commented on your post and now I can't unfollow it. What have I done?
I thought your post was interesting. I felt compelled to join in. Of course, I knew I was setting myself up for the onslaught of comments from your "friends" that I have no interest in. I thought I could just unfollow it, but that didn't work this time. Oh, the horror. Yes,  I have regrets.
Let us recap, shall we?

Friend #1 chimed in with "LOL". I thought that was very insightful.  I was hopeful that they would have more to say, but alas, that was it. Friends #9, 14, 23, 24, 28, 35, 42 and 44 also went the LOL route. There may have been more. I stopped clicking by then. It truly was a riveting thread. In hindsight I should have hung in there. Yes,  I have regrets. There is always next time.
Friend #2 retorted, "Totally, dude." I was hoping that was all there was, but he had more. Those types always have more. He went on to comment again, "You fucking totally crack me up." As if that wasn't bad enough, he liked my comment and wanted to friend me. Yup, that is awkward. Totally awkward. Could end up being a "situation". Yes, I have regrets. Lots of them.

Friend #3 was at least creative. "That was awesome. I loved it. LMFAO." I am certainly glad I didn't miss that clever comment. Yes, I have regrets. Regrets don't even begin to scratch the surface. Just Sayin. (Editors note: Friend #17 also used Just Sayin. I don't have any intention of copying his fine literary work here. Any chance of that is purely coincidental. If you feel the need to re-post this blog and Friend #2 asks what coincidental means, tell him to "Google it dude".)

Friend #4 got right to the point. He thought you were "smokin hot". Guess he wasn't really interested in what you had to say. I am sure you got something very interesting from him in your private inbox. Yes, you have regrets.
And finally, Friend #5 got right to the point. "Word". 
Remind me again why a portion of my taxes goes to educate people? I am more and more beginning to believe the "monkeys in a room will eventually write Hamlet" theory. After they get done writing a gazillion non interesting comments on Facebook. First things first. You have to have priorities. Regrets, yes, many. Nuff said. (Editors Note: Friend #13 also used Nuff Said. It appears I am just as pathetic as the rest. Please see "Yes, I have regrets" for further reference.)

Yeah, I am never commenting on that type of status again...until the next time. I likely will break my hand to avoid this situation in the future. I am not sure if I will regret that or not.

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