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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snow Wears You Down By St. Patricks Day

Today is March 13th, 2013. I am making a few changes lately. Eating better. Yes, I am doing that. I will never eat really healthy. I know that. I do my best, make small changes but at the end of the day I still like my fries, junk food and fruity drinks. I work with it. I am trying to cut my late nights down, but I am a night owl. I seem to be born that way. Yesterday I got up very early and avoided taking a nap when I was tired around dinner time. I made it until 10:30 and then went to sleep and was able to get up by 6am again. I'd like to think I can maintain that but I know better. Every time I try this, I end up with one late night and I am back on that schedule. Even when I worked a day job where I had to be up by 5am I still stayed up way too late. My internal clock seems to want it that way.
With the changing of the clocks this past weekend, we lost an hour of sleep. This has only made my more tired. While it is nice to have one extra hour of daylight, it comes at the worst time. 
Living in Canada, winter is long. November until almost April. We are now towards the end of it. The days aren't as cold, and the snow is melting. It is still there every morning to remind you that you aren't out of the woods yet.
The last few days though it has been warmer and it rained heavily on Monday. Most of the snow was melting. It gives you hope. Energizes you. But then you get up on a morning like this and it snowed ....again.
This time it was just a light dusting that will likely be gone by lunchtime. But it wears on you.
Looking at snow, day after day, for months, makes you tired. Very tired. I talk a fair bit with my friends and I hear the same thing from them. By this time of the year (4 days from St. Patricks Day) you are just worn out. Tired. Just looking at the snow day after day makes you tired. It just wears you down.
And then April comes and you have that one really warm weekend. April...where the hell are you? Please come....soon.

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