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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten catch phrases people should stop using.

Make an ass out of you and me. 
No, just you. I want no part of it. I assume no responsibility for anything you do that makes you look like an ass.


There is no I in team. 

Teim. There..are you happy now?

Who pissed in your cheerios?  

I wonder if the guy that came up with this thought "hey, that sounds cool". It doesn't. It sounds fucking gross. That is what it sounds like. 


Blood is thicker than water.    

So is oil, so what? I can dislike my relatives just as much as I can dislike Joe Bumfuck who can't make change in the grocery store. Blood might be thicker, but so what?

Whatever floats your boat?  
I think only water can float a boat.  

Cause that's how I roll.  
Can you stop rolling? Cause that would be fucking great. 

I rock.   
I wish you would make up your mind. Do you rock or is that how you roll? Because..I know and I don't like it. 

When it rains it pours.  
Actually, it rarely pours. It mostly drizzles or just rains lightly. So, stop saying it pours. It rarely just pours.

Bitch Please.
If you are going to call someone bitch,  you likely aren't going to be polite enough to say please.

Just sayin.
Okay, well, how about you Just Shut the fuck up. Just sayin. Ya know?

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  1. Like the way you think...and understand.So very true.


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