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Friday, April 26, 2013

Martians Study Humans: Part One

What if other planets, like Mars are really secretly studying us, like all those cartoons and way out movies tried to make us think back in the 40s, 50s and 60s? 
What kind of thoughts and conclusions do you think they would come to?
I wonder myself.  
Anyway, in my version of "a guy walks into a bar"... here we go. 

The head of Mars calls his top scientist into his office after his trip to Earth to share his findings.

Come in. What have you found in your travels?

Something really strange. 

What is that?

Unlike us, humans need energy to survive,  and they get this from consuming things they call "food".

What is "food"?

It is this thing that they create from plants that grow in the ground. And other times, they kill other animals. Also, some industrious types take elements and make all sorts of concoctions that have various forms of kinetic energy. 

And when they consume this "food" what benefits do they get?

It is supposed to give them the fuel they need to perform tasks and sustain themselves.  

What is strange about that?

Well, it seems that they consume so much food, that they then get too large to use any of the energy they have and don't survive as long as you would otherwise expect.

Again, that doesn't seem strange.

Yes, but then they take this other thing, they call it currency, or money, and they take that and buy "food" that is much more expensive. This food is comprised of very little energy and they pay to not get energy when they consume it. They call it "low calorie" or "diet" foods. 

They pay money for food that has extremely low energy, when they need to consume fuel to survive?


And they are supposed to be the top of the food chain?


Couldn't they just consume less in the first place,  and keep the energy level high in the "food"?

One would think so, but they have chosen not to do it that way.

Better go back and check again. That just doesn't seem logical at all.

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