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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Being in the writers groove means you will burn stuff. Lots of stuff.

Yesterday I was in the writing groove. From the moment I awoke I just kept writing and everything came out pretty good. That rarely happens, but when it does, the world doesn't seem to matter or exist while you are in that zone.
Of course, the world of physics and laws of nature don't really care about any of that. And neither did my hungry stomach, which reminded me that I needed to eat to survive.
I decided that I wanted some corn on the cob for lunch. Simple enough. Tear the outside off the corn, put it in a pot of boiling water and come back in 10 minutes and voila, ready to go, instant lunch, old school style.
Not so much. I forgot about the corn, because I was in the groove. In the zone. You know, that thing I just mentioned above. Luckily we have a fire alarm to remind me when I have fallen too deep in the zone. So, as I heard that go off, upstairs I went to retrieve my only barely burned corn on the cob. 
Here is something you probably don't know: Slightly burned corn on the cob, with enough salt and butter is still pretty damn good. 
Later, I needed to boil some water. Simple enough. I had already had my "in the groove, burn stuff incident for the day" so I should have been on high alert. Not so much. Let that burn as well, and almost destroyed the pot. Off went the alarm again. But who cares? Pots are cheap. The house didn't burn down, and it is insured anyway, I am still deep in the fricking zone, and it is only water, for which we have lots and it is dirt cheap. So, now on high alert, I just took another pot and boiled another pot of water. 
Burned that too. After the water burning incident, which just about finished off another pot, I was still very hungry.
We have an indoor electric BBQ grill which I like to make my veggie burgers on. So, being that I was still pretty hungry, and that the corn had not been enough, I flipped a burger on that. I figured that there was now no way I was going to burn it. In this case, I had too many incidents already today, and also burning a burger means ruining it. And that actually does cost money. So, I felt pretty safe this time. Not so much. 
Burned that burger too. But, I caught it just in time to still make it eatable. And no, putting enough salt, ketchup and other spices on it doesn't make it taste better. Just so you know.
Btw, I wrote this whole blog after the burger burned. I was still in the zone. But that being the case, I stopped cooking things. I decided to have some cookies. 
Therefore, I am in the zone, and eating cookies. Harmony as I like to put it.
Lately, I have been in the zone a lot. That meant I have burned a wide assortment of Spaghetti, kraft dinner, stir fried vegetables and many veggie burgers. I also left the ice cream on the counter and came back having to drink my ice cream (which was very good btw, so, it sort of worked out).
Buy hey, I am still in the zone. So, who cares? I have money. But money can't buy the zone. So, I will take it every time. It would be great though if I ate foods that didn't need cooking when I am in the zone. Something to think about I guess. 
What I have learned as a writer. When doing serious writing, eat foods that don't require any heating, cooking, cooling or defrosting. Therefore, I eat a lot of big bags of potato chips and cookies. I have to, I am a writer. I have no choice. Just so you know, that is the story I go with when asked. 

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