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Friday, July 19, 2013

I could never be George Zimmerman: Because he is an idiot and I'm not.

President Obama has said that he could have been Trayvon Martin. 

I could never be George Zimmerman: Because he is an idiot and I'm not.
Here's why.
I would never go out and chase somebody in the dark in a city where there are all sorts of bad things happening? Why?
Because here are the likely outcomes.
1) He is a bad guy, and when cornered, he shoots me. I am not really fond of being shot when we pay police to do this job and they carry guns and bulletproof vests.
2) I shoot him, and end up on trial for my freedom.
3) It isn't my job to do that. See my first point.
4) I end up in a fight with him and get my brains bashed in, and if I am lucky, he doesn't take my gun off me and shoot me. Again. See point 1.
5) He had friends, and if I get him, I have to deal with them. In either case, I get the shit kicked out of me or get shot to death.

So, no, I could never be George Zimmerman. Because I was born with common sense. 
And also, I could never be Barack Obama, because while I am opinionated, I know when to shut my mouth when what is going on is none of my effing business. 
However, I could be Trayvon Martin. Because any of us can fall prey to the idiots like George Zimmerman who failed in life and are wannabe vigilantes and law enforcers when they have no hope of actually being that. You don't need to be black, or female, or young to have that problem. You just have to exist in this crazy world.
One thing I know for sure. Both Obama and Zimmerman should just shut up. Neither of them yapping after the fact is doing any good at all for anybody.

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