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Monday, August 26, 2013

A tale of two songs and a twerk.

I can say a lot of things about Mileygate (yes, I just coined that phrase, you read it here first). I have already done that and I will again after this blog. But for one brief moment, I am going to put something in perspective. A sad statement of the new reality in show business. Maybe even not that new, but new in the sense of the frequency with which it now happens.
Miley did whatever it is she did. I haven't seen it nor do I intend to. But I have heard about it, read the comments and the reaction to it. Any way you slice it, it was purely a marketing stunt to get attention for whatever it is she has to hawk next.
In that way, it is no different to what Janet Jackson did at the Super Bowl a few years ago. Or what Madonna and Brittney did ten years ago. Stunts get you noticed.
As Miley has let on, the MTV awards stunt was timed to get attention for her newly released song. It was a calculated stunt, not some whim thing she came on to. I am sure they have been planning this thing for months. Nobody on the inside of her "team" didn't know exactly what was about to happen. 
And as I understand it, Miley's new product is a song called "Wrecking Ball". 

I have listened to that song. It isn't much to write home about. I can see why she needs to prop it up with a stunt like shaking her bony ass in front of some flavor of the month rapper dude. 
Last year, Joe Walsh put out a new album, Analog Man. His first in many years. The single was a song called....."Wrecking Ball".
One of the best original songs in years has basically been ignored. Joe Walsh isn't the hot sexy flavor of the day. 

For a second now, lets just put this into perspective. Joe Walsh..Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus....Joe Walsh.
Joe Fucking Walsh. The legendary guitarist,  singer/songwriter, rock legend. His album is so far off the media grid you couldn't find it with a telescope if you tried. Miley Cyrus. She is famous for Hannah Montana, a few lame songs and now offering her ass up to some rapper dude most of us have never heard of on TV to help sell her latest song.
And for many, she is the daughter of the guy who sang Achy Breaky Heart.

As Joe Walsh astutely points out in the song.

You're doing this, you're doing that
One thing leads to another
And maybe some day if you ever sleep
You're gonna wake up and discover
You live your life like a wrecking ball
Just get carried away
And then you bounce back from another close call
Live your life like a wrecking ball

All that being said, I really like the song, The Climb. Too bad that is all Miley ever gave us. I guess she realized that in this social media world we live in, nice image doesn't sell product. So she is now straying from that.
Good for you Miley. I guess you realize you have minimal talent and need to distract away from that. Joe Walsh has been around long enough to know he has a world of talent and doesn't need to pull stunts. I don't think we will ever see him twerking anything. At least I hope not.
End of the day, Miley will sell millions of CD's based on this stunt, and Joe Walsh won't sell hardly any. He will go on making great music, and Miley is now resigned to the reality of pulling more stunts to maintain her position. 
It is what it is.
Miley will sell the sizzle, Joe Walsh will produce the steak.
Sadly, one day Miley will be selling the sizzle, and people will start wanting the steak. And she will be shit out of luck. I suppose if she hasn't pissed away her vast fortune by then she wont care.
By then, there were be a few new Miley's doing her act, just as she is now doing Madonna's and Janet Jackson's act. The beat goes on. The wrecking ball will get passed to another.

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