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Monday, September 23, 2013

Squirrels are strange. Like the rest of us.

Saturday it rained like a So, I nor anybody else could do our normal weekend gardening. Me, not having a day job, can do that any day I want. Sunday it was cool out there, very cool, but dry. So, I went out to see what has grown from all that rain. While out there, I saw my next door neighbor Liz. 
Liz was out tending to her very impressive flower garden which she has built up over the last 3 years. I remember when she dug it out herself, one shovel full at a time. That was very impressive. You don't see many people do that anymore. Now, it has set and is in full bloom.
She mentioned to me that she would be cutting down that long branch from her Apple tree that hangs over my yard. The one that drops apples all the time that rot and then draw bees. She didn't plant that tree. The previous owner did. I mentioned I wanted it down and would cut it down myself, but she wanted to cut the branch down herself and wait until the end of fall, to avoid disease in the tree. 
She reminded me that she hadn't forget. She is very conscientious like that. I then asked her if she knew what kind of tree the other one was, the one that is dropping some odd green balls that smelled like limes, but were not. She said it was a Walnut tree, but not the kind of walnuts that humans can eat. Only animals ate them.

This made sense to me, because while the apples have been piling up in my yard again, the walnuts have not. That is because the squirrels have been raping the tree for them. 
And then I noticed a strange thing. The squirrels will take those walnuts, but not while the chipmunks are around. Because chipmunks, although much smaller than squirrels, are the boss of the squirrels. The squirrels are terrified of them and run away, even leaving their walnuts on the ground at the first sight of a chipmunk. 
I thought this very strange, as I know that squirrels are very tough. They can even take down large snakes in the wild. 

So, like the rest of us, squirrels are strange. They can take down a predator that most fear (the snake) but are terrified of one that nobody fears (the chipmunk) and most view as cute. 
Kind of how men view women at times. But not Liz. She's alright.


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