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Saturday, September 21, 2013

You might need an intervention if?

Here are ten signs that you may need an intervention.

You give your cat or dog an FB page because you think they can read English.

You buy your chocolate bars at the price club.

You have worn out 2 cds and need to buy a third one because you play the same one so many times.

Your cat has an FB page and you spend more time on it than your own.

You can recite all the Bachelorettes by name from every season of The Bachelor.

You think that one date with Mr. Dreamy qualifies you to change your FB status to "in a relationship" 

You have 10 new purses but no money to put in any of them.

You think Reality TV is actually real and not staged.

You think that pair of jeans doesn't make your ass look fat because a Nigerian Prince tells you that he loves you when he sees it.

You wait in line for hours, if not overnight, to get an Iphone when you can get one the very next week at the store while you still use the one you have now. The one you waited in line for hours last time to get. 



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