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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If MY skin was red....

The whole Redskins should change their name thing. I am going to weigh in.
From the top, I will point out that I am almost 49 years old, and before it became in fashion to complain about this politically correct crap that people with way too much time on their hands now take as a cause, I have always known the Washington football team to be the Redskins, the Atlanta baseball team to be  the Braves, and Milwaukee team before that, the Cleveland baseball team to be the Indians, and the world to be round. Not flat. 
So now, it seems it is a highly offensive racial slur. 
Now, if my skin was red, I would be very much more concerned with the actual reality of what it means to be Native American, or Canadian. What is that reality?
Well, in all likelihood, you are extremely poor. Your kids won't get a decent education. Many in your family will be severely addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Somewhere in your immediate family there will be significant sexual or spousal or child abuse. Or all of them. Most likely all of them. A very disproportionate amount of your race will be in jail, and many will not guilty but have no hope of getting out.
On top of that, if women go missing at an alarming rate from your community, then you can expect that to go unnoticed and when it is noticed, it will be ignored as if it doesn't really matter. Because in terms of our society, it doesn't. If one 5 year old goes missing for 6 hours, we will initiate an Amber Alert like the world just came to an end. But if 600 native women vanish for years like they were sucked into a hole,  many found later to be murdered, it wont matter. 
On top of that, you may not even have safe drinking water or heat in the winter. 
But, if you must, go ahead and complain about the name of a football team that has not bothered anybody really for more than 50 years.

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