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Monday, October 28, 2013

If you had to kill your neighbors or family members would you do it? Could You?

Note: If you have not watched The Walking Dead episode from last night or are behind, do not read this blog. There are major spoilers included.

I wrote the above spoiler alert for a reason. I like to think that I am considerate of others in spite of my reputation for being brash and very direct.
Again, don't read past this sentence if you don't want to know what happened in the Sunday's episode.
In the previous weeks episode, the final scene was a chilling one. Two of the people living in the compound were showing signs of being very sick. They were just like the ones who had previously shown that and then became walking zombies without being bitten, which was previously thought to be the only way to get exposed. These two had obviously contracted the virus that was killing the inhabitants and having them turn into zombies without being bitten and they were quarantined. But that wasn't enough for one resident.
While others were away or sleeping, the two sick and obviously dying residents were dragged into the yard and burned to death. That was chilling.
In this weeks episode, we find out who killed and burned them. It was Carol.
Carol, the caring one. 

Carol has now come full circle, her daughter Sophia having to be put down by Rick at the end of season 1 when she came out of the barn and it was obvious she was one of the walkers.That changed Carol and we have seen a gradual change over time. She also was present when Lori (Ricks wife) had to be killed to save the baby. Carol and Carl (Lori's son) did that deed and since then they have had a sort of bond. Both have also stepped up their tolerance for violence and gotten a reality check. They know they have to do these types of things to survive and for the good of the tribe.
Carol has also been teaching the new kids how to fight, kill, defend themselves and how to end a life before the person turns. She has not informed the parents of those kids that she is teaching them that. Mostly, she knows that would not meet with approval.
In the previous episode Carol had to take a similar action in front of the kids of a member who was bitten when the cell block was compromised with walkers. She offered for his daughters to do it themselves, and one tried, but they could not do it. It is certainly not an easy thing and not one all of us could do, even knowing that it is the right thing to do.
But the burning was another level and Carol knew it. She didn't tell anyone that she burned the two members, but she didn't deny it when Rick figured it out.
If you were Carol, what would you do? If you were one of those two victims, what would you want her or others to do?
I think you have to do what is right for the tribe. In that way, Carol did the right thing. They were going to die and turn anyway, and the right thing to do was to put them down before they possibly caused others to get sick, die and turn into zombies. That is not much consolation for Tyreese when his woman is the one getting burned, and his sister Sasha now looks like she is next to meet that fate.
I am not one for suicide under any circumstances. I make one exception though. If I know for certain my life is going to end very shortly, and my staying alive means others I love and care for might die, then I would take my own life. I think it is the considerate thing to do. If you were selfish, then you wouldn't care and would try and live as long as you could.
If I couldn't take my own life--for whatever reason--then I would want them to do that for me. I am sure they are going to explore that topic in the coming episodes as others find out what Carol did. They did in episode one when Rick encountered a woman in the woods who should have done that for her spouse but couldn't. They have also touched on this a few times, most notably when Hershel kept the barn full of walkers which included his wife that Sophia came out of and when the Governor kept his daughter locked up in the basement for a while, both in the hope that they could figure out how to cure them. They didn't view them as zombies, but still viewed them as human. It is something most of us will never have to deal with, but there are parallels to real life that are less dramatic and it makes you think about what you would do. Or could do.
I will also say this: Last night was the first time it wasn't a great episode. It is just about survival now. While that may be necessary and somewhat interesting, it isn't the least bit entertaining anymore. The show seems to have run its course. Can it turn back into the gripping drama most of us all love? Maybe. I hope it does. But as for now, I think its best days are behind it. 

I suppose we will see what happens when the Governor gets back in the picture and the conflicts arise again. 

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