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Thursday, November 14, 2013

11 Things you probably don't know about me.

1. I am really good at math. Like insanely good. It freaks some people out. But I never wanted to do anything with it. I use it when I need it and otherwise don't bother with it.

2. I have incredible reflexes and timing, but I am not flexible at all and couldn't beat a turtle in a running race. 

3. I love both candy and vegetables and/or fruits. But I wouldn't eat spinach, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts if you put a gun to my head.

4. I can stay up all night and be okay with it, and then get right back to sleeping regular hours the next night. Time of day means nothing to me.

5. I love documentaries and biographies but I wouldn't watch any reality TV even if you paid me to do so. I like real reality, not made up scripted reality.

6. I have always had trouble spelling garuntee and seperate, among other words, no matter how many times I have to spell check to correct it. Brussel Sprouts too, which I now see is Brussels sprouts.

7. I love music but I hate to dance. But I love disco music.

8. I can hold my tongue, but I can't be bothered doing so most of the time. I inherited that from my father.

9. I am really good at kissing, but when I was younger and even into my adult years, I would never even kiss my mother, grandmother and sister on the cheek. My mother used to beg me to kiss her, and I would not. 

10. I have seen Pulp Fiction more than 100 times, Donnie Brasco more than 20 and Goodfellas more than I can count. And if any of them are on TV, I must stop and watch the whole thing again. Yes, I love movies about Gangsters, even though I grew up around them and then turned my stomach in real life.
11. I will do just about anything for my friends,  except tell them what they want to hear when they don't need to hear that.

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