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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sequels Don't Bother Me Anymore.

 In the last 10 years, two movies came out that should have never been made. 

First, The Longest Yard was remade in 2005. Why? Because the younger generation of comics can't come up with anything on their own, so they took a great concept and character driven film and butchered it in the remake. I say they butchered it, because that is what I have heard. I have never seen it. Nor will I. To me, it doesn't exist. I can watch the original Longest Yard a hundred times and never get tired of it. In fact, in high school I taped it once and did watch it about 100 times with my friend. Because it was that good. Just because Adam Sandler and Chris Rock make really lame movies that no one goes to see anymore, that is no reason for them to take good art and turn it into what they did. But, I'm sure some want to see it. That was never going to be me.
All I can say is that Adam Sandler could never even approach the charisma and moxy that Burt Reynolds had back in the 70s nor would Chris Rock have that vibe that the original caretaker had back in the original. You cannot duplicate that, nor all the great characters in the original. It is foolish to even try, unless your only motivation is to make money off the name and not care about the actual product.


Second, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, a long overlooked classic was remade, Hollywood style. They added the name actor draws,  Denzel Washington and John Travolta (both of whom I like) and all the car crashes and techno toys they could muster. Again, I didn't see the remake either. Nor would I. There is no way they can replace the flavor and vibe of 1970's New York City. And without that, the movie could never be what it was back then. It was never about crashes and toys, or some insane convuluted plot line. It was a simple heist movie and how the city and police deal with it. There was no need to remake it or change that. I think the movie bombed and if it did..good. It should. Shame on them. 
I included both trailers to make a point. Denzil Washington and John Travolta are both very fine actors. But, they aren't Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw. If you change the vibe of the type of people who play the roles, you change the movie. Not for the better. Simply, another attempt by studio execs at a cash grab.

Now, comes word that they are to remake Its A Wonderful Life. Fucking blasphemy is what that is. But, to me, it doesn't really matter or bother me anymore.
Because I don't even watch them or go to see them, and I pretend they don't exist. So, I really don't care. If people have such weak minds that they want to watch a studio exec baked up idea like a remake of Hawaii Five O or a sequel to It's A Wonderful Life, more power to them.
I just ignore them. I don't need them. I don't want them and I don't care either way. They don't actually exist. Not to me. There is only one It's A Wonderful Life. Or Wizard Of Oz. Or whatever classic that had its time and day. That is all I wanted and I don't care what they do, they can't touch that. 
If others do, they can go see them. Enjoy them if they are to do that. But I wont be there, and I don't care that they are taking something great and milking that cow simply to get more milk and milk it dry, when there is really no milk left. 
If I want to enjoy that movie, I will just watch the original again. Watching a money driven copycat remake has no interest to me whatsoever. 
Nor does it really exist. I pretend it doesn't. 
Therefore, what doesn't exist, doesn't bother me. 

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