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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The "Man" and Rob Ford

"Do you understand how you are to behave?"

"And if I don't play along?"

"We will cleave you from the herd. And watch you die in the wilderness. Welcome to Washington."

-House of Cards.

If you have watched the Netflix show House of Cards and you believe it is based on reality, then you know the way that it is. The things that we see happen and think we have some control over--say and bearing on--simply aren't decided by anything to do with us. There is a chain of command for which we are on the lower rung. The higher level actually calls all the shots. When you get in their wheelhouse, you realize that you are at their mercy, and that you always were. 

"Money, is the McMansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after 10 years. Power, is the old stone building that stands for centuries."

-Frank Underwood

House of Cards.
People are asking this week, based on the latest outrageous episodes.....How can they get rid of Rob Ford? Really, there is only one way, and I propose that is happening this weekend. If I am correct you will see him make a statement this week based on what I suggest happens below.
The following is a transcript of a fictitious conversation that led to Rob Ford resigning.

Rob Ford enters the room and he waits. He has no idea what is going on. He just knows he has to do it. The "man" wants to talk to him.
Nobody has ever really seen or knows the name of "The Man." He is some guy they all talk about. He is the guy that runs the city, the country, pretty much anything that happens. He pulls those strings. Now, it was Rob Ford's turn to face "THE MAN."

Then, the "man" enters. He is disguised. It is for Ford's protection. If you learn the identity of the man, he has to take you out. That is how it works. The chain of command is so secret and so high up. In actuality, this "man" isn't really the "man" after all. Even the "man" doesn't know who the actual man is. But whatever the man wants, the man gets. Nobody crosses the man. When he decides you must go, you go. End of story. Nobody ever gets to know who the man is.

The Man: Rob. Tell me why you are still The Mayor?

RF: I haven't done anything wrong. Really.....

The Man: Cut the fucking bullshit. We all know what you did. Who do you think has been covering up for you all this time? Your idiot brother? Your family? Your aides?

RF: I don't know what you are talking about.

The Man: Anyway, this week, you are going to resign. That is the end of the story.

RF: No, I'm not. What are you going to do, slander me in the press?

The Man: Listen, Rob, you don't get it. So I will explain it to you. You are the Mayor only as long as we want you to be Mayor. We control the press, the police, the money supply, the bankers, the courts, the judges. You name it, we control it. You are just a pawn. As long as you were useful to us, we let you do what you do. And we covered it up. Watched your back. You are of no use to us anymore. Your time is up. Go quietly, as quietly as you can...and be happy you got what you did.

RF: No, I'm not going. There are laws.

The Man: Listen, Rob. If you want to be like that, we can do it another way.

RF: And that means what?

The Man: Well, how about some jail time, with some rapists, and hard ass criminals that would love to take a crack at you? How does that sound?

RF: You got nothing on me. You can't make that happen.

The Man: We can't? Try us.

RF: And that means what?

The Man: We can make it up. Whatever we want. You will be convicted and you will rot in jail, for as long as we wish you to. And I mean hard time. Real hard time. You aren't playing with flunkies here. You are miles over your head. Take the easy way out. Walk away now. We will make it worth your while. You can still have a decent life. 

RF: And if I don't walk away?

The Man: Well, for all your yapping, do you want to end up in jail? Is it worth that to you? Because that is where it is going. And you wont' be able to lash back out at the person pulling those strings. Whatever you come up with, we will come up with more. You cannot fight us. We have decided that you have to go. So you go. That is the way it is. Play time is over. You had your fun. You had your spotlight. Now it is time to fade into the background. Either you resign tomorrow or we start to release the stuff that gets you charged and convicted. Your choice. I won't mention this again. We will be watching to see what you do. Do the right thing. Or......face the consequences. That is up to you.

The "man" gets up and abruptly leaves the room.

The next day, Rob Ford resigns, sighting reasons like.... for the good of his family...and the city....and his own personal health. 


"Politics. There are forces bigger than either of  us at play here."

-Frank Underwood

House of Cards.

The end. 

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