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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Runaway trains and using your brains.

I like to think I am pretty smart. Some agree with that. Some don't. But I know this and I think most would agree with it. If I am smart, it is because I keep things simple and see what is there, not what I want to be there.
Back in the summer when a train went off the tracks in Lac- Megantic, killing 50 people, I made the point that ultimately the Prime Minister is responsible for this.
You can read that blog and see what I said then.
Now we find out that it is much worse and dangerous than we thought. It turns out that the number of runaway trains is triple what is being reported, many carrying hazardous and flammable components in them, and the government is not doing anything about it.

So lets summarize this. We have runaway trains in an alarming amount, and many are not being reported or investigated.
Yes, read that again. It is just hard to believe, but it is true.
It seems simple to me. They report them all, investigate them all, and anybody who doesn't do that on purpose in some kind of ass covering maneuver should go to jail, for a long time.
And if there is that many runaways, there should be a commission called to study them all, figure out why that is, and come up with changes to be made that are fully enforceable by law. 
Find out why we have runaway trains and do what it takes to stop that from happening. If we do that, we should get it down to a number that is reasonable to expect as pure accidents. The only reason these runaways are happening now is due to human error, lack of competency of the operators, profit before safety practices and/or poorly maintained or inadequate equipment. Find out which it is, or what combo it is, and fix it. Simple as that.
Accidents happen. I get that. One or two runaway trains a year is going to happen no matter what. When hundreds are happening each year, that is no accident. 
Seems simple to me. And I didn't have to be that smart to figure all that out.
Figuring how to get our bought and paid for Prime Minister to actually represent us and not big business is likely going to take a lot more smarts. More smarts than I have. Because there is no simple solution to that complex problem.

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