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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Would I have hit Solange Knowles back? Maybe.

I don't hit women. I was raised that way. Men don't hit women. It takes a lot for me to be pushed into a situation where I would.
I don't know what went on with Jay Z and Solange Knowles, the sister of Beyonce. 
But here is what I do know. If Solange tried to hit me, I would likely defend myself, and at some point try to tie her arms and legs up so she couldn't hit me anymore until she calmed down. But.....if that didn't work, and she continued, then I would hit her once. Hard enough for her to understand that she should stop hitting me but not hard enough to really hurt her or injure her. If that didn't work and she continued, I would likely hit her a second time. This time, not hard enough to injure her, but hard enough that it would hurt and she would understand that I could hurt her if I so wished.
Then, and only then, if she still didn't get it, and just walk away, or calm down, then I would beat her ass.
Because you only get so much of a free pass. If you insist on fighting, girl or not, you have to be willing to take a beating if the other person is capable enough to give you one.
It isn't about being masculine. I don't need to prove anything. It isn't about never ever hitting a woman. 
It is simply about defending yourself and realizing that a woman loses the free pass she gets from me to never hit her if she insists on trying to keep hitting me.
Some women don't understand that. They rely on a mans good nature and upbringing and think we wont fight back. We likely wont, or will try not to. But don't ever think because you are female you get to inflict violence on anybody without consequences. You don't.

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