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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

USA: Time to get a divorce.

Last night, on the Rachel Maddow Show, she had a 20 minute long piece showing the history of how abortion doctors and their families have been gunned down, mostly at long range by sniper type gunmen. Most of those are not actual snipers, and they miss. Injuring the doctors and their families, but not killing them. Some have actually been killed. Now, last Friday in Colorado Springs, the gunman didn't bother with the long range shootings. He entered the building and killed as many as he could before the security kicked in and didn't give him access to more potential victims. Candidates like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have almost justified these actions as justifiable. I am not making that up. Go online and search. You will see their logic behind why they think it happens. They blame the victims. 
Today in San Bernardino, 3 heavily armed gunmen with AK-47s shot and killed 14 people and injured at least as many. They did it with long range weapons, and were so efficient they actually got away and there are no apparent leads to capture them. They could conceivably never be caught.
Here are my thoughts on what just happened in San Bernardino.
There comes a time in every relationship where divorce is the only answer. You can get marriage counseling but that might lead to the suggestion to just go your separate ways.
I feel the States are at that point.
On one side, you have the anti abortion, pro guns, less civil rights for innocent people who refuse to see there is any other way. When they don't get their way, they take their guns and start shooting people who don't agree with them. Or, they justify those who would, even though they wont actually do it themselves. Then you have the other side who simply will not come to their side of thinking, which makes perfect sense because most of those arguments are embedded in backwards logic.
Like say the NRA contention after Sandy Hook that the best way to protect from a hostile shooter/bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun to shoot him or her and protect you.
That's all well and good, but many abortion doctors have been shot in their houses, from long range, say through a window. How does the good guy protect against a shooter like that? Or, today, a group of 3 shooters with AK-47s who ambush and can shoot from long distance before you can ever get your gun out. What kind of security protects against that? Buildings and houses with no windows? Is that the type of world we want to live in? I don't.
No, it seems the only solution is to divide the land up. Right down the middle. Everyone on one side of that line believes in one way of life. Everyone on the other believes in another. Then, those sides can debate any other issue with those factors off the table.
I want to be on the side where nobody has guns. Not even police. If you do, you get the death penalty for even having one. If you don't like that, live on the other side and do as you please. But you aren't welcome on my side of the line.
I don't see any mediation or therapy. There is a defiant tone, even from those who actually aren't that dangerous. They have to have their guns. It's their right, and you aren't taking it away from them. The states simply aren't United enough to make that happen. In fact, the whole country is controlled by a powerful NRA lobby that makes sure that it will never happen. In terms of irreconcilable differences, this is the definition of that. A reformation is needed. A divorce and a start over.
Guns are for war. And killing. Not for protection. At least not on my side of the line. Other than the army, which will be employed if we are invaded by a hostile outside force, nobody on my side of the line needs a gun. If nobody has one, nobody needs one. Everybody is a good guy, or at least a less dangerous bad guy. It's a mindset. A mindset that the pro gun lobby and supporters don't have. Which is fine. As long as you don't live on my side of the line. Do whatever you want on yours. Live in fear of gunfights in restaurants and help centers. Abortion clinics. Schools. Churches. Malls. Theaters. Etc. Etc. Etc. If having a gun makes you feel safer with that, have fun with that. On your side of the line.
If that is how you want to live, live that way. Most of the rest of us do not want to. And frankly, I don't feel safe anymore that you are among us. Nor should I. Because it isn't safe out there anymore.

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