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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thoughts of John McEnroe dancing in my head

At times in your life, you have a phrase in your head, and it seems clear, but you can't place it or where it comes from. Or who says it.
Then, it just becomes clear.
I just had that exact experience.
It was this:

I would never endorse the type of antics McEnroe displayed on the court, which he did many times. He was an out of control immature brat in those days. He has toned it down a lot since then, but he still calls a spade a spade these days if you watch him in his current form.
Today, the news comes that the CEO of Uber is "Standing up for what's right" which are HIS exact words, not mine. Really? You are doing that?


Let me see if I have this right. You agreed to participate on Donald Trump's team, and you never had a problem with that. You didn't know of his opinions, goals, actions and policies? Yeah, really, we all believe that. He didn't mention during the campaign that he was going to ban all Muslims if he got in? You never heard that and thought about standing up to him then?
And then you didn't think you had to do anything about it....until customers used Social Network bullying and were getting your App deleted, thus costing you money, and suddenly, you have a moment of conscience and have to stand up for what's right? Yup, got it.

Within the article, there is this: 

"Bowing to growing pressure from customers and employees, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has stepped down from President Trump's economic advisory council, saying his participation had been misconstrued as an endorsement of the administration's policies."

Seriously? Misconstrued? 

You know what is even more offensive than Donald Trump, his minions and his archaic Executive Orders and policies? Its caving in to internet pressure to save your sorry ass and then passing it off as standing up for what's right. That is really offensive. I'd delete your App just for that reason alone. Have some effing balls. 

Again, within the article, the writer doesn't mince words.

"Kalanick's about face is a direct result of growing criticism of his insistence on engaging with Trump after the executive order banning refugees and others from seven Muslim-majority countries.
In recent days, the ride-hailing company was confronted by a growing number of boycotts that were taking a toll on its business."

 The integrity horse was already long out of the barn and out into the wild forest by the time you saw the light of what was the right thing to do. You can't sell that horseshit now and call it integrity or a misunderstanding. You aligned yourself with an autocratic, borderline racist, potentially world disturbing dangerous crackpot, tantrum inspired child and now you want to jump off the bandwagon?

Sorry, you can't switch horses mid race here. The race was moving too fast at this stage to do that safely. You might as well just stay with the Trump team and take your hit. At least you would stand for something, the something you aligned yourself with in the first place. Now, you have lost the Trump supporters AND the rest of us who will never use your service again. Nice move, butthead. 
At times, I just shake my head in disbelief. I don't scream out like McEnroe does, but I hear his voice in my head. 

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