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Thursday, April 5, 2012

It is time to tell the players to STFU.

We have seen this many times over the years. Players, who have become too  big for their own britches, say whatever they want, do whatever they want and act as if the world revolves around them. And why do they do this? Because it does.
In the old days, players knew their place. They were the stars, but..they were just the players. They didn't get to decide who coaches the team, what trades the team makes, who gets to play. That wasn't their decision or right to make. They didn't get to have a say in player personnel decisions. That is the general managers job.
In the same vein, they didn't get to decide who plays on the floor, or on the ice, or on the diamond. They performed when asked.
That has all changed.

It is clearly a players game. They get paid ridiculous sums of money. However, that can be justified, because these are the times we live in. But because of that, teams have now let those players have the power to dictate how the team is run. The players have all the power. They can get a coach fired, or a player on the team traded. Sadly, teams are afraid to piss off a player they have completely leveraged their future to by paying that player a sum of money that cripples the franchise if that player decides they don't want to perform to their best anymore.
Today, that came to a head.

How did it get to this point? Well, simply, Dwight Howard has been trying to get traded for the whole season. Then trade his ass. You can't have a player deciding when he can play, and when he can't. He signed a contract to play. Make him play. Or void his contract and remove him from the league, for good. He obviously has done exactly what Van Gundy says he did, and now the situation has blown up because they did nothing all year to put a stop to it.
Finally a coach has stood up for himself. That is not good either, but at this point, they really have no choice. To put a coach in the position to have to say his player shows a total lack of respect for him and yet management is tolerating it, that is just clearly bad business. 
It is time to tell the players to shut the fuck up, collect their money, and play the game. That is what the rest of us in the real world have to do. When you let the spoiled brats have their way, then you have spoiled brats. We all get that. Why the team management doesn't, I have no clue.

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