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Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Discovered or Rediscovered Songs, #2, Premonition by John Fogerty


 I have been on Facebook now for about 3 years. I love many things about it,  but one of my favorite things is the music. I discover and am exposed to many new songs and rediscover many I have forgotten about and love. A big part of that is the proliferation of You Tube and the endless access to music.

I have listed 10 songs that I have never heard or had forgotten about but now love. In some instances, where I can remember it, I will write about how I came across the song. This is the second song, 8 more to come over the coming weeks. Above is the link to the first song if you missed it and want to take a look.

Premonition By John Fogerty

Most of us know CCR and John Fogerty. They had many hits in the early 70s and then just disbanded and disappeared. In 1985, John Fogarty reappeared with a great new album.

Some know of why Fogerty basically gave up making records and playing rock and roll, and some don't. Basically, in a nutshell,  the record company and some lawyers screwed him over to the point that if he made new records he would lose money. He had to sit out all those years just to get free of them.

On Larry King,  just as his "second" comeback was taking place,  he discussed why he disappeared and why he decided to try again.

While his first comeback came just as MTV was beginning to take hold and got him a lot of attention, his second comeback did not. He got a grammy award for Blue Moon Swamp in 1997.

I hadn't really noticed Fogerty since that comeback album in 1985, although I knew he was still out there. In doing research for one of my scripts, I needed some "bayou" songs and as I listened to some CCR. I began to think that Fogerty could be the basis for a character I was thinking of creating as well. I began to do more research on him and as I did, I came across this song, 

It has that classic guitar riff he is famous for and is just a great all around song. Fogerty told Larry King in an interview how he came up with the song.

"This song is a simple rock and roll song. How I came up with the idea for the song was ...I was out running, which I do almost everyday and I like to listen to sports talk show stuff when I'm running and earlier in the morning I had a moment on sports history in my mind (let's say like when the Babe pointed to centerfield), something that was obviously long out of the news and they started talking about it while I was running along. And I went 'wow, what a shock that is. What do they call that? And the songwriter in me got busy. They call that Deja-vu, no no no, no no...oh..they call it a premonition. Oh, I like that.' So, I ran home and wrote it down. And that was sort of the seed for writing that song."


Some brief interesting trivia about John Fogerty

-Fogerty's first electric guitar was a Silvertone with a small five watt amplifier which he bought at Sears with $80 he had earned from his paper route.

-Before his first group, CCR became a hit, the record company signed them and called them The Golliwogs, against their own wishes

-Fogerty traveled to Mississippi in 1990 for inspiration and visited the gravesite of blues legend Robert Johnson. According to him, there he realized that Robert Johnson was the true spiritual owner of his own songs, no matter what businessman owned the rights to them, and thus Fogerty decided to start making a new album and to perform his old Creedence material regularly in concert. That led to Blue Moon Swamp, and this concert, where he started performing the old CCR stuff, something he refused to do for almost 30 years.

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