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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Making "To Do" Lists

Most of us so called achievers make "To Do" Lists. I know I do it. A lot. 
But what I also know is that when we make these lists, most of us know that we have very little hope of getting the whole list done and crossed off within the time we have set out on the list.
The point of a "To Do" List is to get the stuff done. Isn't it? So, I have taken to making new lists, but only a list that I know is very reasonable to achieve, in its entirety. Aiming high and getting close to high has not worked out anyway. So I will be aiming accurately and hoping to hit the target.
If I put 10 things on the list, I should be able to do all 10 of those things and then discard the list and make a new one with none of those previous tasks on them.
A list of things to do is not a list of things you hope to do and then when you don't you will just add them to the list of things to do the next day, or the day after that . That is the "put off" list.

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