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Like that echo, lying might come back on you.

The theory is, as I understand it, is that your lawyers tell you to say nothing in the media--to anyone--about a case that will likely end up in court. You pay them very large sums of money, so you figure they know best and you do what you are told. Makes perfect sense. Sort of.
I get that when you are someone who will testify, or might have info that pertains to a case. It just makes good sense.
But, some things are just plain simple.
You can't harm yourself by simply telling the truth that you didn't do anything wrong or ANY of the things you are being accused of. There is no harm in that. Those aren't facts of a case. It is simply you stating what you did do, or didn't do. If you didn't do it, say it. 

"I didn't rape any of these women. I didn't drug any of these women. I didn't have non consensual sex with any of these women."

You could say that.
Unless...you did some or all of those things. Then, you really should shut up.
So, it speaks volumes when you say nothing. It says you have something to hide and wont defend yourself and your reputation. 

Bill Cosby feels he is getting a raw deal in the media. Maybe he is. I doubt it.
He says he wants people to "wait until all the facts come out."
Here's the thing about how Bill Cosby has handled this whole thing.
As far as I can tell, he has never outright denied that he drugged, raped, took advantage of and assaulted women.
Why is that? Because to say that outright, he would likely have to be lying. That would only hurt him in court later. To be proven a liar, on top of everything else.
But, if he was actually completely innocent of those things, I'm sure his lawyers wouldn't have any problem with him putting out a statement.
Just say it. "I didn't do this, and I didn't do that." No caveats. Simple. Just say it.
But of course, he isn't going to say it.
I know if I was accused of those things, I would stand up on day one and completely deny I did any of those things, and I would know there is no way they could prove it. Because I didn't do it, so there is no possibility of evidence to the contrary. No cell phone video, no letters, no other evidence of any kind.


Cosby's wife is now coming to his defense. Why wouldn't she? She doesn't want to believe that the sociopath she has lived her whole adult life with is, in reality, likely a horrific monster. She probably knows he is anyway, and has been in denial for a long time. In any event, she is rallying behind him to this point, like a good wife should.

“It is the portrait of a man I do not know,” she said. “It is also a portrait painted by individuals and organizations whom many in the media have given a pass.”

“Many in the media were quick to link that story to the stories about my husband, until that story unwound,” she said. Mrs. Cosby added: “None of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim. But the question should be asked: Who is the victim?”


"Bill Cosby has been embroiled in allegations of rape and molestation from over 20 women who have come forward in recent months, but he's stayed pretty silent on the issue."

“I know people are tired of me not saying anything,” he told the newspaper. “People should fact check. People shouldn’t have to go through that and shouldn’t answer to innuendos.”

If Bill Cosby could be any dumber, then I can't imagine a scenario in which that could happen.
In the real world, when somebody accuses you of something this terrible, you only have one option. To categorically deny it outright, or admit you did it and take whatever fallout comes from that.
If you don't, innuendo is taken as fact, because you have made no real attempt to refute it.

The truth is, that the average person he wants to wait for the facts to come out....can't. They are going to form judgements based on what they see and hear long before it reaches court. So, if he wants them to base their opinion and judgement on the facts, the fact of the matter is, as far as I know, he hasn't come out and categorically denied these allegations. That is the fact that I see. Unless he does that, or did that, to me, he is at least partly guilty of the innuendo out there, and more likely, completely guilty of those and far worse things that we probably wont ever hear about. Not everyone is going to come forward. We know that in these types of cases.
I think he knows, that likely much of what he is being accused of will not, or cannot be proved in court. So, he doesn't have to deny that he did it. He just has to say that it won't ever be proved, so, he doesn't have to deny or cop to anything.
That works in the court of law. Not in the court of public opinion, which he is seeking here.
It is much the same thing that Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson did. They won the court case, but lost the public relations battle.

The truth is, that the statute of limitations has run out for most of the things Cosby possibly did, so he wont be charged. But that doesn't mean he wont be punished. He will be punished in the court of public opinion, unless he denies what he did and can prove the naysayers and accusers wrong. Bill Cosby is likely an old man who isn't going to live much longer anyway. Any charges and convictions are sentences for time he would never do anyway no matter what, what with probable stalling tactics and appeals. So, the best that we can do is try him in public, and convict him there, unless he has a valid defense. So far, he has none. Other than telling others to just believe him and trust him, because he is America's favorite dad, or was.
Good luck with that Mr. Cosby.

Long before he was everybody's favorite American Dad with all the witty lines and winning personality, he was the orchestrator a show most of us watched every Saturday morning on TV. Fat Albert was that show. 
That show was about the life lessons Cosby learned in the neighborhood he grew up in. In fact, the very first episode was about lying and how people view you once they think you are a liar. Forty years later, seems kind of fitting he started the show off with that particular subject. Likely, while he was doing that show, he was raping or drugging some young wannabe starlet at night back in his hotel room, while his wife was at home thinking she married the kindest man in the world. 

 "This old horn really makes the big sound. That's because it works like an amplifier. Just like the speaker in your television set. You know, you gotta be careful what you say into things like this. Like that echo, it might come back on you. Take lying. 
Now, you start broadcasting lies...and pretty soon, nobody believes anything you say. 
Now for instance. see this picture here. This is a picture of an old gentleman when I was a kid. Name was Mudfoot Brown Johnson. And he was such a liar, he couldn't tell the truth about anything. Nobody believed whatever he said.........
Course old Mudfoot would never admit that he lied. I'm not lying, I just remembered big."

-That was Bill Cosby, in his intro to the first episode of Fat Albert. Back in the days when he didn't have any problems speaking about things like this.  

That was followed with a short scene, and then a song which now seems to come back to haunt Mr. Cosby. 

When you think about it
Lying doesn't take much skill
But it's kind of like a snowball
Rolling down the hill
It just keeps getting bigger
And harder to stop
And when it blows up in your face
Tell me, who comes out on top?
Not you.
So, don't go telling a lie.  

It goes on with a story and a few scenes about a kid who returns to the neighborhood and he finds out how much trouble a lie can get you into.
In that way, Cosby has learned from the episode. He knows to keep quiet, because the lies he would have to tell at this point would likely get him into a lot more trouble than he is currently in. Which is to say, a lot. Because he is already swimming in the deep end of the pool with a lead weight tied to his toes.  
Apparently, while Cosby wrote and starred in his own show, he never watched it or took away any of the lessons he was trying to teach kids like me 40 years ago. Except for one lesson.  When you are already in trouble, lying about it only makes it worse. So, if you can't defend yourself, because you are very guilty, then just shut up. And look guilty, but claim you aren't. Then you don't have to eat your words. Just swallow your tarnished reputation.
 I did take away the lessons. All of them. 
If you tell the whole truth in the media, you have nothing to worry about in court. If you don't say anything, you are admitting guilt to some extent. That is a fact you can take to the bank.

"Only you..can stop them."

-Jackie Chiles.

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